Bioness® Technology

Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico is the FIRST to Offer the Full Bioness® Program in Southern New Mexico.

Bioness® System NESS L300®
& NESS H200®
Stroke and other neurological patients can now regain lost mobility and achieve greater independence through treatment options that include the Bioness® NESS H200® Hand Rehabilitation System and NESS L300® Foot Drop System. The innovative functional electrical stimulation (FES) systems help patients recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and incomplete spinal cord injury regain muscle control, giving them more function, more freedom, more life.
The NESS H200® Hand Rehabilitation Systemis easy to use and has been shown to facilitate return of hand function in patients at the acute phase of recovery following stroke and brain injury, as well as in select patients whose injuries are years old.
NESS H200® Patient Testimonial
NESS H200® Patient Brochure
NESS H200® Professional Brochure
The NESS L300® Foot Drop System is the first FES system that is wireless, low profile and lightweight. The system has three components: a gait sensor worn in the shoe, a wireless stimulating leg cuff worn below the knee and a clinician-programmed control unit. The advanced Intelli-Sense Gait Sensor™ technology of the NESS L300® Foot Drop System allows patients to achieve a more-normalized gait on changing terrains and at varying speeds.
NESS L300® Patient Testimonial
NESS L300® Patient Brochure
NESS L300® Professional Brochure