Adrian Alvarez

Success Story

Adrian Alvarez is an 18-year-old student residing in Rancho Cordova, California, who sustained a traumatic brain injury after falling from his electric skateboard and hitting his head. He received initial care at an acute care hospital before being admitted to Sacramento Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH) to receive specialized therapy and treatment. One of the reasons Adrian and his family chose SRH for rehabilitation was because of the private rooms, and because he wanted to get stronger, walk again, and regain his independence.

Upon admission to SRH, Adrian’s cognitive skills and behavioral patterns were evaluated using the Rancho Los Amigos scale. His function was rated at a four, which indicates confusion, poor memory, and agitation. At the time, Adrian could only take side steps if assisted by therapists.

After 35 days of therapy, Adrian achieved a Rancho Los Amigos rating of seven, indicating improved mobility, cognition, and problem-solving abilities. He returned home with his family.

“I really enjoyed the therapy team,” Adrian says. “I was able to progress to a point where I have more freedom. Everyone at the hospital made me realize that if I keep a positive mindset, things will get better.”