Katherine Warthan

After suffering from COVID-19, pneumonia, acute respiratory failure, and hypoxia, Katherine Warthan’s hard work paid off, and she returned home to her loving family.

Before her illness, Katherine Warthan worked at two elementary schools in Owen County. She proudly served as a K-6 teacher for music, art, and PE. She has three kids and eight grandchildren and loves spending time with family.

After contracting COVID-19, Katherine’s symptoms worsened. She ended up at IU Health Bloomington, where they diagnosed her with pneumonia, hypoxia, and acute respiratory failure. Once she stabilized, she chose to continue her recovery at Bloomington Regional Rehabilitation Hospital based on a family recommendation.

Katherine’s family explained, “It was the best facility that offered what mom needed. She needed more therapy than a nursing home could provide her. We know mom is a hard worker and would accomplish a lot.”

The biggest influence on Katherine’s recovery was having her family present and the skills of her care team. The staff consistently encouraged her, and she felt truly cared for. She said, “Everyone I came in contact with had an impact on my recovery. The therapists, nurses, kitchen staff, and PCTs were all so kind!”

From day one, Katherine worked hard at her recovery. “I experienced so much strength and growth throughout my stay,” she said upon reflection. “I give God all the glory in my recovery!”

Katherine looks forward to returning home to her family and can’t wait to hold her grandchildren. She also plans to travel, care for the flowers in her yard, and visit her parents.

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